(News) Gboko LGA still suffering from Bad Roads

(News) Gboko LGA still suffering from Bad Roads

The People of Gboko appreciates The work done on Ahmadu Bello Way & J’s Tarka 

But some of The roads in this area of the city are still in a very bad condition. Some parts  have not been repaired for the last over three years and even more these should be looked at to.

With the photo you can see that The people of Gboko are still suffering from this problem as some of these roads have so many pitfalls which sometimes cause accidents to unwary drivers.

The streets are not swept properly and regularly. There are not a sufficient number of dustbins and people throw rubbish here and there. During rains water collects here and there and drains overflow. The water stagnates giving rise to mosquito menace and malaria. I fail to understand why the authorities do not rise to the occasion and meet this menace to public health. At times it becomes very difficult to pass by the heaps of garbage and overflowing drains giving out strong nauseating smell.

It is of my Great desire this complaint would not fall on deaf ears and you would take immediate necessary steps to improve the sanitary condition in this locality.

– Anjo Msughter Joseph anjomsughterjoseph2017@gmail.com

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