(Gist) Xenophobia isn’t the Problem – Caleb Kwagh

We are one..

The world today faces one problem most paramount to all others. It is not the problem of Racism,

It is not the problem of Xenophobia it is not even the problem of corruption but the world faces the problem of Greed. The years of slavery, apartheid, molestation and intimidation the black nation have suffered was all because of Greed, threatened by the unity, peace and harmony we shared with each other.

We the African people have built too high a pillar of Unity and coexistence, let us not pull it down now. We are more than a nation, we share more in common than the colour of our skin, we are more than we are we are one. Stop the killing of Nigerians in South Africa, let us rise up together and restore the unity we once had to build an Africa that we have all dreamed of . quoting the words of the famous South African hero Lucky Dube ” let us come together as one”

Writer: Caleb Kwagh




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