Hundreds of lives are been announced ill on the Radio, Television stations incessantly. Even the Day to Day magazines attests to it.

Majority of them are being faced with internal diseases or infections, while some suffer losses of the body parts. Which when not treated with immediate effect, might lead to permanent disabilities.

The families of the endangered weeps, begs and call unto their fellow Nigerians to come to their aid.

Most of them are dead by now while some are still in Coma, in that same condition or even worse. Yet there’s none to help them out. Nigerians ain’t responding to their cries.

But here we are cheering these Rich folks for lavishing on useless things,
Promising Tacha 30m, 50m, 1m and even more. Whilst a wounded life is out there in the hospital, lying lifelessly on a sick bed, verily in need of #2,000,000. And not just for Feeding, education nor compensation, but for just Surgery. So he/she can remain healthy in the land of the living.

Can’t we be sensible at some certain point?
Philantrophy is no longer practiced.

We need Help.

  • – Anjo MJ (PeculiarBlogger) be



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